When signing up, we’ll ask you to provide us information about yourself, such as your: full name, birthdate and address. We’ll also need some information about your business: the business type (UG, GmbH, or other), the registration number (if applicable) as well as the information about the legal representatives (managing directors, natural persons only) and shareholders who have above 25%. Collecting information about the legal representatives and shareholders is a legal requirement for Penta.

If you are incorporating and you have a UG or GmbH in Gründung, you will have to upload scanned and signed documents that your notary has provided you with. Please make sure that all documents are complete (we cannot process single pages out of contracts)as well as signed ("gezeichnet" is not sufficient). 

If you have a GbR and would like to open a business account with us, you must upload a partnership agreement in addition to the personal details of all partners. It is very important that it is signed by all shareholders.