In order to open accounts for some legal forms we need to ask for some documents from you. 

Please note: Uploading all these documents during your registration process will significantly speed it up. Please upload all the documents listed below during your registration. Keep in mind, all the documents must be signed. GmbH and UG (even if in foundation) the foundation document must be certified by the notary with stamp or seal. Without the stamp or seal of the notary, we can't accept the document.

- If the company is already registered in the commercial register, we don't need any documents, because we can find them in the commercial register.

- If the structure is complex or if one or more companies are legal entities, we need the list(s) of shareholders of these companies. The list(s) of shareholders must be in German or English (translated by the notary), as we must also be able to determine which natural person(s) is/are the beneficial owner.

- If a legal entity is the legal representative of the company, we also need the shareholder agreements of this legal entity.

- For GbR, we need a shareholder agreement signed by all shareholders, which clearly states the rights of representation and ownership.

- To be able to open an account for a company in foundation (GmbH in foundation and UG in foundation), we need the shareholder agreement including list of all the shareholders (the document must also be signed/sealed by the notary). If the company was founded by a model protocol, this is sufficient. Important: We need online copies of the original documents from the notary (with seal and signature). We can't accept the documents that are only signed.

- If the company in foundation has a more complex structure, the same rules as mentioned above apply.

Please make sure that all documents are complete (we cannot process single pages out of contracts), signed ("gezeichnet" is not sufficient) and sealed.

You can find an example of a notary seal below.