At the moment, we don't charge interest.

But, from November 1st, 2020,  Solarisbank AG will be introducing a negative interest rate on customer deposits — that is a charge on the amount of money stored on each business bank account you’ve opened at Solarisbank AG via Penta. In doing so, Solarisbank AG joins dozens of other German banks charging for deposits in order to pass on the costs which they themselves pay each year to the German Central Bank. The interest rate is currently at -0.5% per annum. Should the German Central Bank change the interest rate, Solarisbank AG reserves the right to adjust it. This includes an increase but also a decrease of the interest rate.

This fee will only apply to deposits exceeding 100,000.00 EUR and explicitly applies to the balance on the main account, including all sub-accounts. For customers who have several accounts for different companies, the 100,000.00 Euro threshold applies per company.

Based on the number of days where your account balance will have been above the 100,000.00-EUR threshold, Solarisbank AG will calculate the fees quarterly and will debit the accounts directly. The charge will be reflected in your bookings and statements.