• Every legal representative of your company needs a valid ID card or passport to identify himself personally at our partner IDnow.
  • In the case of a GmbH or UG in formation, we require the sample protocol/the roll of deeds which must be certified and dated with a stamp or seal and the articles of association or shareholder list.
  • In the case of a GbR, we need the articles of association dated and signed by all partners, which clearly show the rights of representation and ownership.
  • If a legal entity is one of the shareholders of the company, we also require the list of shareholders or the articles of association of the legal entity (of the associated company) from which the representation and ownership rights can be seen

Important! We require additional documents if any of the following apply to your company:

  • A parent company of your business is registered outside Germany
  • Your company is a stock corporation that is not listed on the stock exchange.
  • The voting rights of your company differ from the information in the register extract (the shareholders or general partners are not the beneficial owners).

In this case we need the following from you depending on the legal form: 

  • in the case of a GmbH, UG, GmbH & Co. KG, KG or OHG, AG the extract from the commercial register and the list of shareholders
  • in case of an eG the extract from the register of cooperatives and the statutes
  • for registered traders (e.K.) and PartG the register excerpt

Please note: We need the memorandum of association as a scan of the original in PDF format signed and with a certified seal or stamp from the notary (maximum file size: 25 MB). Here is an example of the notary seal:

Hints for the document upload:

  • please make sure that the documents are complete
  • all documents must be signed and dated
  • only legible and unredacted documents can be accepted
  • all documents must be in German or in a notarized translation from English.
  • if you upload the documents completely at the time of registration, it will speed up your account opening significantly

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