You can ask multiple users to log into your company's Penta account and set their permissions to have complete control over what they can see in your account. You can grant your employees (Finance teams, department managers etc) granular permissions to help you with the day-to-day tasks:

  • Adding employees
  • Requesting cards
  • Managing department budgets

Access for your department manager

  • Invite your department manager and request a debit card for him/her. 
  • Once the person is identified via VideoIdent and authorized in the account, they can set their PIN and request their card!
  • Cards can be requested for employees with monthly budgets to spend on their department needs
  • You can grant added users the permission to manage Cards - Users with the permission to manage cards can create and close business debit cards for other users and manage the monthly spending limits of each card.
  • You can set your notifications to notify you via push notification each time a payment is made. 

Access for your office manager

  • Invite your office manager to your Penta business account.
  • Grant "Prepare Payments" permission so he/she can prepare payments related to office expenses. You can log in and check each payment.

Access for your accountant

  • Invite your accountant to your Penta Business account.
  • He/she can review transactions, download statements and view your account details.
  • He/she can be granted the permission to create custom categories and manage integrations and notifications: including connecting to lexoffice, Debitoor or sending receipts to DATEV. This does not include downloading the MT940 file unless the user also has the permission to see the account balance and transactions.
  • For example, the finance team can manage departmental budgets by adding employees who can only view a sub-account, e.g. "Marketing Department". It is possible to limit the authorization to transactions for this account.