The users in your Penta account can have the following permissions:

Administrator - The user can access all Penta features that are available now and that will appear in the future. Only legal representatives of the company can be account administrators.  Only administrators can be given the permission to manage the company details - this means that this user can change the legal details of the company, for example, the address and tax information. Only Admins can create sub accounts.

The following permissions can be granted to all users:

See all transactions and balance of the account - the user can view the account balance and transactions and download account statements.

Categorise transactions - The user can categorize transactions and change the categories.

Prepare payments - The user can prepare SEPA payments. 

Send payments - The user can confirm SEPA payments.

Manage users - Users with the permission to manage users can add, remove other users and set their permissions. Users with this permission can grant themselves and other users all possible permissions except the administrator role.

Manage Cards - Users with the Manage Cards permission can create Penta VISA Cards for other users, close them, and manage the monthly spending limits of each card. Important: Users cannot change their own card limit.

Manage Accounting Integrations & Categories - Any user can be given permission to create custom categories and manage integrations and notifications: This includes connecting to lexoffice or sending receipts to DATEV. This includes downloading the MT940 file, but only if the user also has permission to view the account balance and transactions.

Manage Penta Subscription - Users with this permission can view and modify their company's Penta pricing plan and receive monthly invoices via email.

Important: In order to make payments and hold a card, legitimation via VideoIdent is required for authorization in the account. Our partner IDNow is responsible for online verification.

You can also add users to your Penta account and not give them authorization. This means that the user can log into your Penta account and view the account details (IBAN & BIC), your company address and legal documents. This user can also change the language settings and password, as well as access the FAQ.

This feature is useful if you want to request a VISA Business Card for your employee without allowing him to view the account balance or transactions. Once the VISA Business Card is requested, the user will be able to set a PIN, track their own card payments, and view card information if the user has a card.

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