For each successfully referred company you will receive 60€, 80€ or 100€ as a cash payment on your Penta account or an equivalent Amazon gift card. Alternatively you can donate your reward through our partner Impacc to support local and sustainable startups in Africa.

The amount of the reward is depending on how many companies you have referred to Penta.

Count of referred companies

Reward amount

1 to 3

60,00 € per converted referral

4 to 5

80,00 € per converted referral


100,00 € per converted referral

In addition, the company you have referred to Penta will receive 40€ worth of Penta Credits on their newly opened Penta account. Please note that there is a limit of 10 referrals per customer.

Important: The referral code is tied to your business. Every user of your account can share the referral code, however the reward will be applied to your business.

During promotion periods the reward amount might differ. If the referred business started their account creation during the promotion period, you are eligible to receive the reward from the promotion. For legal reasons, Penta cannot provide you with a donation receipt for donated rewards.

More information about Penta's referral program can be found here and in the Terms and Conditions.