Under the PSD2 regulation, you are able to grant access to third-party applications, like sevDesk, to your transaction data.

Before you can connect via sevDesk, you’ll need to claim your my.solarisbank bank account credentials. You’ll need to do this once for each Penta IBAN you have.

  1. Log in to sevDesk and head over to “Payments”.

  2. On the “Payments” page click on the button "Add payment account".

  3. You can either search for “Penta” or select “Penta” directly from the overview via quick access.

  4. Now connect your Penta account with sevDesk by clicking on the button “Connect account”.

  5. Afterwards, you’ll be redirected to finAPI, who will establish the connection between your sevDesk and Penta account. finAPI is fully PSD2 compliant.

  6. Enter your account details and follow the instructions and then click on “Save”.

  7. You are redirected to a new page from Penta/solarisBank. my.solarisbank.de.

    Here, you will be asked to enter your e-mail and password which you used when you registered for my.solarisbank.de in the first step.

  8. You then will be asked to confirm the access by FinAPI (the partner of sevDesk) for this particular IBAN.

  9. After confirming the access with TAN, the task is completed and you will see a success screen. You will then be automatically re-directed back to sevDesk.

  10. Once you are back in sevDesk, you will see a message that the bank account was successfully connected.

    You can give it an “account name”.

  11. Your transaction data is now syncing automatically every day with sevDesk.

    In most cases you’ll therefore see your transaction data on the same day or the day after.

  12. For screenshots of each step, you can click here.