According to the German accounting guidelines, receipts and invoices must be traceable, verifiable at any time, complete and not modifiable.

Once you have transferred your vouchers to the DATEV voucher image service (formerly DATEVconnect online), they can no longer be changed or deleted in Penta. However, it is possible to upload new vouchers or invoices.

Therefore, please check that all receipts are correct before transferring them. Please note that for a transfer with an accounting connection via Penta, the receipts must not be read-only or encrypted, otherwise the data transfer will fail.

This is also the first step in ensuring that your company complies with the GoBD guidelines (principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access).

You can find more information about the DATEV connection in our blog article and in our step-by-step instructions.