An Unternehmergesellschaft, with the abbreviation UG, is a special form of the GmbH, which was introduced in Germany in 2008. 

Both legal forms are considered to be limited liability corporations and are similar in many respects. 

Probably the most important difference for founders: With a GmbH you need a share capital of at least €25,000. 

When founding an UG, you only need a share capital of one Euro. Therefore the UG is also called a small GmbH, Mini-GmbH or 1-Euro-GmbH. 

Starting a Mini-GmbH in Germany is a cost-effective way to become an entrepreneur and to enable a quick start into self-employment without the risk of a GmbH. 

In addition, an Unternehmergesellschaft must bear the addition "UG (haftungsbeschränkt)" in the company name.

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