Yes. The share capital at the start of the UG must be at least 1.00 .

Please Note:

  • The amount of capital of your company should always be based on your concrete needs, despite the fact that only 1.00 EUR is required to start. Plan for any costs of your company from the beginning. Insufficient capital resources always bring with them a high risk of insolvency.
  • The profits of your UG (limited liability) may not be distributed in full. 25 percent of the profits must be put into the legal reserve until the minimum share capital of 25,000 is raised.
  • If your company increases its share capital to at least 25,000 , this restriction does not apply.
  • If your company does not make any profits, it does not have to transfer anything to the legal reserve. However, you are not allowed to make hidden profit distributions, for example by increasing the managing director's salary.

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