Wise always process your transfer as quickly as possible. You can get an estimate of how long it will take by entering the basic details of your transfer into the Transfer Calculator on the Wise home page.

The duration of the transfer depends on the following 4 factors:

The source and the destination country of your transfer

The exchange of the money can take up to a maximum of 2 business days. 

The speed of the transfer depends on how fast the sending bank and the receiving bank process the money, as well as the transfer methods offered for the country and deposit.

The deposit method

Card payments, for example, are usually at Wise in just a few seconds, while bank transfers take more time.

Wise offers different transfer methods for certain currencies.

'Cheap' and 'Quick and Easy' transfers. In this case, the speed depends on the selected transfer type.

When you pay for your transfer

Payments are processed by Wise only during normal banking hours. So if it is a holiday in the country you are transferring to, it may delay the transfer a bit.

Security checks 

Wise may need to confirm certain information, your identity, address or the origin of the money before the transfer can be made. This verification, helps Wise protect you and your money. Verification may increase the time it takes for the money to be transferred, and it may take longer than the estimated time for the money to arrive.

To learn more, please register with Wise and then navigate to the Wise Help Center.