With WeltSparen you can get attractive fixed-term deposits from European partners. And this is how it works:

Fill out the registration form

Open here on WeltSparen a WeltSpar account at the Frankfurter Raisin Bank as a clearing account for your investments at European banks. You only have to register once and set a PIN for your online banking access.


Follow the identification procedures (Postident or Video-Ident). After WeltSparen receives your identification, the Raisin Bank will open your clearing account. You can then log into your online banking at any time with your account number or email address and your PIN. You will receive your account number via email after WeltSparen has activated your WeltSpar account.


Now, you can make the transfer from your Penta account to the WeltSpar account at the Raisin Bank.

Invest and save money

Choose from one or more attractive fixed-term money offers and submit any required documents. The opening at the partner bank and the transfers are made automatically from your WeltSpar account at the Raisin Bank. There are no costs for you. You will receive all documents (such as contract documents and account statements) from the partner bank in your electronic mailbox of your online banking.

You can also find more information on our blog, on our website or at WeltSparen directly (GmbH & UG, Sole Proprietors)