There can be several reasons why turnovers visible in Penta are not visible in lexoffice.

  • Penta sends only booked turnovers and balances to lexoffice. If the missing turnovers have not been posted yet - for example in case of card payments - then the turnover and the new balance will be sent to lexoffice only after this payment has been processed.
  • As a rule, the turnovers are sent within a few minutes, depending on the volume of the total data to be processed, the transfer may take a little longer in exceptional cases. The turnovers are sent at least on the same day.
  • It rarely happens that lexoffice automatically hides turnovers. This can be checked by showing "Hidden turnovers" again in the "Bank" view in lexoffice.
  • If turnovers still do not appear in lexoffice after a few days, disconnecting and then reconnecting from Penta Onlinebanking can help. The missing turnovers are recorded and transmitted after initialization. Duplicates are not created by this measure.

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