Penta and Qonto plans are structured differently - and therefore priced differently.

Whereas Penta is a business account, Qonto is an all-in-one business finance solution. Think of it as a business account that now comes with an assortment of integrated tools that help simplify your day-to-day business management for bookkeeping, spend management, invoicing, admin and more.

The goal is to save you time and energy so you can get back to what’s most important: your business. And, by virtue of having most - if not all - your finance management tools available in one app, it also saves you money.

Not every entrepreneur has the same business needs, which is why Qonto has put together a wide range of plans for Freelancers and SMEs that respond to these needs along various stages of growth.

This is why, depending on how you currently use your Penta account, you’ll want to choose a Qonto plan according to your business needs, not according to its price (as a reminder, your first 4 months at Qonto are free). An equivalent price may not translate directly into the same amount of member accesses, monthly outgoing transactions, or sub-accounts, for example. 

Like Penta, Qonto’s plans for Freelancers and sole proprietors start at €9/month excluding VAT for the Basic plan. For more advanced business needs there are the Smart and Premium plans, priced at €19 and €39/month respectively (excl. VAT).

As a company grows, some business owners want to streamline their finance management, invite more team members as users and push payment limits higher. Qonto’s range of subscriptions for SMEs and Startups makes this possible, starting with the Essential plan at €29/month excl. VAT.

All of Qonto’s pricing plans are 100% transparent when it comes to costs. You can find more details about Qonto’s plans here.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Serviceteam via and be sure to check our Information page on the merger of Penta and Qonto.