As mentioned before, Qonto goes beyond the usual business banking experience: it’s an all-in-one business finance management solution. It’s a business account that comes with an assortment of integrated tools that help simplify your day-to-day business management for bookkeeping, spend management, invoicing, admin and more.

This is why, depending on how you used your Penta Starter plan you’ll want to choose a Qonto plan according to your business needs, not according to its price (as a reminder, your first 4 months at Qonto are free). An equivalent price may not translate directly into the same amount of member accesses, monthly outgoing transactions, or sub-accounts, for example. 

Qonto has a wide range of plans for freelancers and sole proprietors that respond to various needs along various stages of growth. Follow the guide below to find the best plan for your business. 

  •  Basic (€9/month excl. VAT)

If you were the sole user of your Starter plan and only made a small number of transactions per month, we recommend Qonto’s Basic plan. This includes a Dashboard for monitoring cash flow, Instant SEPA transfers and 7-day-a-week support.

The Basic plan has 1 member access and includes 1 Business Mastercard (One Card) for the same price as the Starter plan (with the option to create virtual cards for €2/card/month, excluding tax).

In addition to this, you also get:

  • A Dashboard to view your real-time cash flow from your desktop or mobile app
  • Instant SEPA transfers to pay and get paid in under 10 seconds
  • 7-day-a-week support by chat, phone and email
  • A platform to connect your Qonto account to tools like DATEV, lexoffice, Stripe, Google Drive, Zapier and more

Good to know* you won’t be able to send bulk transfers, label transactions or invite your accountant to access your account with this plan.

  • Smart (€19/month excl. VAT)

If you were the sole user of the Starter plan and made full use of all its features and made numerous transactions per month, we recommend Qonto’s Smart plan. Get a business current account with virtual cards included that’s boosted with bookkeeping and invoice management tools.

The Smart plan comes with 1 member access and 1 Business Mastercard (One Card). 

In addition to the business banking features you already use, you also get your bookkeeping tools to accelerate your accounting:

  • Improved payment methods: create as many virtual cards as you need; pay and get paid fast with Instant SEPA transfers
  • Advanced Dashboard feature: track your cash flow and create custom views and filters to gain financial insights
  • ConnectPlus: in addition to DATEV, lexoffice, Stripe, and others - get access to exclusive integrations with premium tools
  • Advanced bookkeeping: give your accountant read-only access to your account, store digital certified receipts on your account, create and manage transaction labels for better visibility and easier admin. Create multiple sub-accounts to separate spending, save for future projects, or set aside taxes
  • Advanced invoicing: create, send and track customer invoices directly from your Qonto business account
  • Supplier invoice management: centralize your Accounts Payable by importing supplier invoices to your account; track and pay them in just a few clicks

    As with the Basic plan, this comes with Qonto’s top-tier Customer Support, available 7 days a week.

Good to know: choose the Premium plan (€29/month excl. VAT) if you need a higher threshold for monthly transactions, cashed checks or sub-accounts.

Compare all Qonto plans for freelancers and sole proprietors

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Serviceteam via and be sure to check our Information page on the merger of Penta and Qonto.