If the legal form of your company is a registered cooperative (eG) or a partnership company (PartG), we may require additional information and documents from you to activate your account.

Please go to your Qonto account dashboard, check and modify your business data where needed and confirm it.

Why do I have to additionally check my company data when I switch to Qonto as an eG or PartG?

  • Qonto is a regulated financial institution and therefore is under the obligation to check the information of all its clients. The company information must not be older than 24 months.
  • Not all records we receive from Solaris SE meet these criteria.
  • We therefore need you to go to your account dashboard, check and modify the data were needed and confirm it.

Go to your company profile

  • Please log into your Qonto account using a computer or laptop.
  • In the left menu, click on Settings & Tools → Account settings → Company profile.
  • Under the Company profile you will see the company details, as well as your details as account owner and the details of your partners.


Check & Modify your business information

Please click on the “pencil” icon and check and modify your data if needed.


  • You will be requested to upload a partnership agreement or trade license.
  • If your company is a PartG, please upload the Partnerschaftsregisterauszug.
  • If your company is an eG, please upload the founding documents (Satzung and Gründungsprotokoll).
  • Check your Address - This should be your officially registered company address.
  • Check the Activity Type - This should be your main business activity of your company.
  • Check the Legal number - This should be the registered number of the company in the partnership register (Partnerschaftsregister) or cooperative register (Genossenschaftsregister).

Note: For technical reasons, as Qonto usually does usually not onboard PartG or eG, as legal form you will see GbR.

Nothing changes for your company , as the legal form is not displayed in your transfers or transactions.

Check & modify the authorised persons in your account

Please countercheck the data of the authorized persons in your account.

Your legal form is PartG

  • At least one partner needs to be in the account with the role “Account Owner”.
  • All other partners of the PartG need to be invited to the account.

Your legal form is eG

  • At least one member of the Board of Directors (Vorstand) needs to be in the account with the role “Account Owner”.
  • If your eG has joint representation, additionally all members of the Board of Directors (Vorstand) need to be invited to the account.

For more information on moving to Qonto, see our FAQs here or our help page for the move to Qonto.