Do I need to have a credit card?

No. Our business debit card is accepted everywhere the same way a credit card would be. The only difference is it cannot go below your available balance.

Is there a maximum limit for card transactions?

The following limits apply for card transactions.  Monthly Your maximum monthly card limits are: 25.000€ for online payments 25.000€ for offli...

Who issued my card?

Our partner solarisBank is the issuer of the business debit card. solarisBank has a MasterCard Principal Membership.

What debit card does Penta offer?

Until 03.03.20 Penta offered Business MasterCards to customers.  From 03.03.20, all new cards requested were automatically switched to VISA Business deb...

How can i order an additional card?

The admin of the account first has to authorise the second (added user) to the account. He can do this directly in the app or get in touch with our customer...

When is Apple Pay going to be available?

Our banking partner are working to launch Apple Pay later this year.