Can I generate a proof of payment?

When sending money to someone, you have the possibility to add the recipient's email so that we can notify them when the money has been sent.

Some of my payments are classified wrongly, can I change that?

Yes, easily! Just click on the icon next to the payment and change the category. 

Can I generate a timed order and a standing order (recurring payments)?

Yes, Penta supports timed orders and standing orders. To send a timed order go into "Payments" section and select "Schedule Payment" whe...

Can I delay payments? Can I schedule payments?

Yes, Penta supports scheduling payments. To set up a scheduled payment go into "Payments" section and select "Schedule Payment" when you...

Do I have to activate contactless payments (NFC)?

Yes. Before you can make your first contactless payment, you need to successfully complete a payment with your PIN or you need to withdraw cash at an ATM.