Card Limits

When does the month start?

On the first of every calendar month.

Can I change the limits at any point of time?

Yes, you can change limits of any cards belonging to your business at any time if you have the permission to "Manage Cards". This permission is cu...

Will I receive an error message, if a card payment fails due to exceeding card limit?

No, you will not currently receive a notification when a payment cannot be made due to exceeding the card limit.

Can I add cards to increase my monthly available limit?

You can currently order cards for every legal representative in your business. Just make sure to add them via the Users tab in Administration first.  In...

How does the progress bar work?

The progress bar starts at 0. The more you spend towards your monthly limit - the higher the bar increases.  When your monthly remaining limit is € 0, y...

What do offline and online payments mean?

Offline payments? Offline payments are any payments that you make with the physical card. e.g. At the point of sale in a shop, or at an ATM. Online p...

When does the month start?

On the first of every calendar month.

What are the total limits?

The card limits for daily or monthly use are set as follows. A distinction is made between online payments, e.g. Amazon, and offline payments, e.g. at the s...