How much does it cost to use lexoffice?

Our integration with lexoffice is available in the Advanced and Premium account.

When is lexoffice available?

lexoffice is now available to all our customers with either an Advanced or Premium subscription plan.  Simply go to the menu item "Accounting" on...

Why are you sending data to lexoffice, why isn't lexoffice pulling data from Penta like it does with my traditional bank?

We've taken a modern approach to synchronize with your accounting software, so that it's easier, quicker and more reliable for you to keep your da...

Do Penta and lexoffice use HBCI?

Together with lexoffice, we implemented the latest technology that makes it easier to synchronize your banking data with your accounting software via so-cal...

How do I add my Penta account to lexoffice?

When you login, you can click on the menu-item "Accounting" in the left-side menu to get started.