Billing, Charges & Administrative

When will you start charging?

In September, we will issue the first invoices. However, we will only start debiting your account a month after. The reason is to let you prepare so that yo...

How do I know which plan I am on?

You can always see & change your Penta pricing plan in the "Subscription" tab under the menu item "Administration".

If I upgrade my pricing plan, is the new plan immediately available to me?

Yes, exactly. The moment you upgrade your plan, the new plan is immediately available to you.

If I downgrade my pricing plan, will I be downgraded immediately?

No. A plan downgrade will happen on the first day of the new month.  Please be aware, that if you have e.g. currently more cards than available in your ne...

What happens if I downgrade and then before the downgrade becomes effective, I upgrade again?

Your downgrade will be cancelled and the new plan will be applied.

What happens to my cards if I downgrade?

Please make sure to remove the users/close your cards which are not part of your new, downgraded plan before the 1st of the next month for the plan downgrad...

What happens if I have a question about my invoice?

You can visualize and download past invoices in the Administration tab of the App. If you have specific questions or you found a mistake, please address thi...

Who can change the pricing plan of my business?

The pricing plan of a business can be changed by a user with the permission "Manage Business". Users with permission "Manage Cards" ...

Are the billing & invoicing date the same?

We issue the invoice on the first of a month and direct debit 1-2 business days afterwards.

What exactly do you bill? What is included in what you are charging me for?

We charge you based on the plan you are in (basic, premium or advanced) and for any extra services you used in that specific billing month. If you had any c...