Global Money - International Payments

What is special about international payments?

International payments normally are more complex than for example SEPA payments. This has mostly to do with the fact that the international payments market...

What is Penta Global Money?

Penta Global Money is our ability to offer you access to the international payments market. We are offering this product together with our partner Curre...

Is Global Money included in every pricing plan?

Currently, the ability to make international payments (outside SEPA) is included in our Plans - Advanced and Premium).

What are the costs for Global Money?

Imagine you would like to send 1,000 USD to the United States. In a first step, you need to exchange Euro into 1,000 USD ("Currency Conversion"...

Which currencies do you support?

We support the following currencies: Australian Dollar (AUD) Bahrain Dinar (BHD) Bulgarian Lev (BGN) Canadian Dollar (CAD) Chinese Yuan (CNY) Croatia...

In which countries can I send funds via Penta?

You can send funds into 212 countries and regions worldwide.  Please note, that we do not support payments to: Crimea Cuba Iran Libya North...

Can I receive money to my Global Money wallet?

The only way to transfer funds into your Global Money wallet is by transferring from your company's bank account to your Global Money wallet.

Who do I contact if I have any questions with regards to international payments or Global Money in general?

We have introduced a dedicated email for this purpose:

Why do I need to provide additional information to be able to use Penta Global Money?

We are working together with a third-party, called Currencycloud, who is registered with the British Financial Conduct Authority. As a registered & ...

Do I need to have a Penta account to be able to use Penta Global Money?

Yes, we require a bank account with Penta/solarisBank for this service.