Accounting Integrations

What accounting integrations are available?

lexoffice and Debitoor are currently available. You can set up the connection in the "Accounting" tab in Penta. 

How much does it cost to use the accounting integrations?

You will have to be on the Advanced or Premium plans to get access to our accounting integrations. 

Where can I find the accounting integrations?

You can see it directly in the main menu under "Accounting" or you can connect to other accounting tools in Administration → Integrations

What other accounting tools do you plan to launch?

You can also check out our Open Product Roadmap to stay up to date:

Does Penta use HBCI?

We have implemented the latest technology that makes it easier to synchronize your banking data with your accounting software via so-called REST APIs. Thi...

Why are you sending data to lexoffice and Debitoor, why isn't lexoffice pulling data from Penta like it does with my traditional bank?

We've taken a modern approach to synchronize with your accounting software, so that it's easier, quicker and more reliable for you to keep your d...

How can I disconnect my Debitoor account from Penta?

First, you can select Disconnect under Debitoor in Administration > Integrations in your Penta account.  Next, you will need to finalise the disconnect...

How can I import my transaction data into Datev?

You can download the MT940 file with your transaction data and send this to your tax accountant to import it into Datev.  You can select the transaction...

What is the MT940 export option?

Whilst we work on a direct connection that will automatically send your transaction data to Datev, the MT940 file can be downloaded so that you can upload y...

When is the direct connection with Datev coming?

Penta is working on a direct connection with Datev to send your transaction data automatically in the next months.  We will publish updates about this top...