Who is Indaro?

Indaro is a provider of microcredits. The microcredits come from the Microcredit Fund Germany. With the Microcredit Fund Germany, the German government impr...

Who can receive a microcredit from Indaro?

Any entrepreneurial activity can be supported. These include, for example, start-ups, preliminary order financing, consultant fees, working capital, liquidi...

What are the conditions of the Indaro microcredit?

Capital: € 1,000 to € 25,000 8 months grace period for your new loan Term: 12 - 56 months Promotional interest rate: currently: 7.9%

How can I apply for a microcredit with Indaro?

To apply for a loan with Indaro, please select the menu “Funding” in your Penta account.